Thus Far and No Further

Chotto Ookii 2007

We all have our roles,

  We become dependant...

    ...addicted to them.


Total Theatre Award Winners Chotto Ookii invite you to a world where insanity is average and consistency is everything.


Beneath the clattering of ancient machinery and dormant furnaces lies a surreal workshop designed solely to feed a strange addiction. But what if your supply chain is dependant on 3 bizarre characters using technology which makes the industrial revolution look... well, "revolutionary"?


When a plague of surprisingly rhythmic vermin threatens the production line, disastrous consequences seem inevitable.

Chotto Ookii continue to test the definitions of Physical Theatre, seamlessly combining elements of clown-like comedy, choreography, puppetry and breathtaking visuals.


In order to ESCAPE... have to WANT to leave.

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