Uncanny Theatre 2018

My most recent work with Uncanny Theatre. A look at social media fuelled political rage and its real world effects, explored through the medium of a stupid twitter game, an attempt to make us famous, and the ritualistic destruction of oranges.


It’s time to make the most controversial show ever.


Matt and Nat have decided to have a go at being famous for once. Over the course of an hour they hope to stir up enough of a Twitterstorm to gain them (at least temporary) infamy. 


Welcome to the age of Outrage: a highly visual, interactive response to a world where the most offensive seem to set the agenda.


Uncanny Theatre’s new show will wind you up so much you’ll take to the streets… or at least post a strongly worded response on a forum. With your help, along with the shocking issues of the day – be they sex, guns, drugs or otherwise – Uncanny Theatre plan to be famous by the end of the show.


This show is interactive, silly, topical, shocking or whatever else will get people talking about it.


After all: There’s no such thing as bad publicity.


"This is an intelligent, political piece of theatre which is thought-provoking, visually messy, and playfully crazy. It made this reviewer: laugh, smile, feel entertained, angry, shocked, sad, flabbergasted, and impressed."

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